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Thank You

I Just wanted to take a second and thank every one who has been so supportive of Heirs Cosmetics. Thank You so much. We started in 2016 and did not produce any new products in 2017. All the while, you guys have remained faithful followers and customers. This means the world to me especially because of how special 2017 was for me. I got engaged in January 2017 and married in October 2017. This is why we took a break from releasing new product for 2017. I always want to give you guys my best and I knew I couldn't do that with a wedding to plan. I will be sharing moments of the wedding and honeymoon on the blog but we will be getting back to those pressing topics of life and encouragement that you all enjoy very shortly. With that said.................

HEIRS COSMETICS IS BACK, and ready with amazing new products, new formula's and intriguing new blog topics to come. We can't wait to show you all we have for 2018 and beyond.

Well that's all for this blog post. We will talk to you again soon and remember. Beauty radiated from the inside out.

- Heirs Cosmetics

#ThankYou #FaithfulFollowers #FaithfulCustomers

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