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Thriving in Your lane

How annoying is it when you’re driving and someone just speeds up to you and cuts you off? It would be even worse if they side swipe you because they are trying to be in your lane at the exact same spot and time you are in it. This has happened to me before and ugh it’s not fun dealing with the damages done to your car, frustration of explaining “your side of the story” to the police and filing a report with your insurance company. It’s exhausting just thinking about it right? Unfortunately, people do this to each other all the time except it’s not always while driving a vehicle. In the corporate world there are countless instances of people trying to make it to the top by side swiping, betraying and going by any means necessary to trample over others to beat them to the top. Sadly this can happens among friends and for some even family. It’s a sad reality because everyone in this planet was uniquely, intently, fearfully and wonderfully made. Believe it or not we each have a place. Each of us have passions, goals, dreams and aspirations. Some were born with natural gifts and talents, some work tirelessly to be good at what they do and then you have those who are blessed with a little bit of both. Any way that you slice the cake it all boils down to this fact. We were born for greatness. When that greatness is pointed in the right direction it’s beautiful to watch as that person is able to effortlessly blossom into who and what they were called to be.

Since each of us were so uniquely fashioned wouldn’t it only make sense that we all have our own path, journey and destiny? It makes perfect sense to me. However, The reason why we lose sight of this is because a lot of times people spend more time comparing their life’s journey and successes to other people’s journey and successes. Competing and Comparing is a deadly combination. I say that because it takes your eyes and focus completely off of the promises you have for yourself and it focuses in on what you think you “lack” in comparison to someone else. For some, they are completely lead in the wrong direction and their passions, goals and aspirations become so unfulfilling to accomplish. Why? Because they are so busy keeping up with their self-imposed “competition” and making sure they measure up in their bout of comparison that when it’s all said and done they’ve done nothing but try to complete someone else’s dream, driving in someone else’s lane. This is not necessary. There is a special plan and lane JUST FOR YOU.

I’ve come to the realization that it so important to find the purpose in your passions and identify YOUR lane in life but you can’t do that if you don’t know who you are and more importantly WHOSE you are.

You are a daughter of the King. God loves you and He has a special purpose and plan just for you. Your destiny is found in Him not in comparing yourself to other women. There is no need to swerve in to another’s lane when God gave you a lane of your own to drive through. You are special and you have had a journey assigned to you before you even had a name. Ladies let’s face it, We would be such a light to this world if we could stop the pettiness of competing and comparing and start a new culture of women who encourage each other. Women who are there rooting each other on as they confidently thriving in their own lane. Fulfilling THEIR destinies and dreams and aspirations. We could truly change the world and put a dent in our "dog eat dog" or "not enough room for every one" kind of culture. Daughters, not only is there enough room in the Kingdom for everyone but the King has designed something special just for you. It’s time to unlock it and thrive in the lane that was destined just for you!

#StayInYourLane #Thrive #HowToThrive

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