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Welcome to Heir Talk

I am so excited to bring this part of Heirs Cosmetics to life. One of my greatest desires besides starting my own make up brand would be creating a place for women to come together and empower, encourage, build up and inspire each other. Every other week a new Heir Talk topic will be added to the Heir Talk Page. I have some amazing women in my Heir Talk Team with amazing stories and words of encouragement to share with you. We also are going to have opportunities for you to be featured in the Heir Talk segment. I know there are so many of you who have stories of your own that would uplift other women. You can share your story or word of encouragement with us by emailing it to My goal is that you all leave this page feeling encouraged and empowered to be the women of excellence that you are called to be. Stay tuned and follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to find out when the Heir Talk Segment will launch. Also make sure you're subscribed to the newsletter because we will send email updates as well.

Thank You

God Bless

-Lasha Harris

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